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Our services are presented in a specific order to ensure maximum success and minimal risk to you and your customers. First is an analysis of your standard operation procedures (SOP) so we can help you optimize and enhance it into a new document that will take you to success in these new times. Next, Health4Luxury will conduct testing of your facilities to ensure a virus-free zone. Step three is employee testing for COVID-19 with diagnosis by our laboratory partner (this step is optional). With your team healthy and ready to go, we start the education process on new procedures and practices to ensure that your team is up to speed on the newest and most effective sanitation methods in the industry.

Once educated, your team goes to work. We’ll do another round of testing to ensure that all recommendations are being adhered to. While perfecting the cleaning process, let our marketing team get to work making sure the world knows your facility is not only clean and COVID-19 free, but that it’s stamped with the Health4Luxury seal of approval which comes with trust and reliability.


We have defined a new methodology based on best practice in medical environments with novel testing protocols and oversight to assured health and safety across all touchpoints. Coupled with global research programs, we aim to bring epidemiological insight to all.


To establish certification criteria that will transform an inconsistent and poorly applied operating model to a new globally integrated reference standard. And to inspire trust and certainly for now and future generations of travelers.


To work with management, brands, clients and intermediaries to create confidence in a new standard that is built from clinical expertise, academic rigor and professional procedures.


To responsibly research safely protocols for repairing and protecting the global economy and hospitality/travel, luxury retail and large event venues industries in the future.

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