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360 Degree Approach

Our services are presented in specific order to ensure maximum success and minimal risk to you and your customers. We begin with an analysis of your current standard operating procedures (SOP), our focus is to assist in optimizing and enhancing the existing protocols into a new document that will take you to success in these new times.  Next, Health4Luxury will conduct testing of your facilities and design a tailor-made set of systems, protocols, and methods that will minimize exposure to viruses when implemented by trained professionals. We offer employee testing for COVID-19 with diagnosis by our laboratory partner (this step is optional).  With your team healthy and ready to go, we start the education process on new procedures and practices to ensure that your team is up to date on the newest and most effective disinfecting methods in the industry.

  • Education and training including regular updates on health and travel guidelines
  • Critical Response team available 24/7 for current and future health and safety issues
  • Advisory and turn key solutions for health facilities, and services as part of our global clinical network
  • In house medical rooms for specific hotels and resorts
  • Safe kits for each hotel room and suite for client safety and reassurance

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